Four Things Wrong With The World

Back in March, everyone in my class had to write a speech. I knew that mine would be something about changing the world, but I couldn’t decide exactly what it should be about! Education for all, feminism, bullying, racism? Hmmm… Finally, after coming up with a huge list of ideas, I thought: “What if I talked about a whole bunch of problems with the world?” And so came to life, ‘Five Problems With The World’. Our speeches had to be at least four minutes, but not longer than five minutes, and guess what? I had so much to say about all of the problems in our world, that I changed it to ‘Four Problems With The World’. The four problems were misogyny, racism, child soldiers, and unhappiness. I wrote and I wrote- I wanted this speech to be the best it could be! I practiced so much, I had it memorised and fell asleep reciting it.

And finally the day came. I wasn’t nervous, it was just my class I was talking to. Thirty kids, that’s it. I started my speech, and, wow! Were people interested in what I had to say? They were! People were nodding their heads, they looked sad when I talked about child soldiers! Maybe, just maybe, I was changing how my class thought.

The speech competition works like this: Everyone from grade four to grade seven have to write a speech, about anything they want. They say it in their class, and then the class picks the best two speeches. Those chosen people go to the gym on a day and say their speech in front of everyone in the school. The grade fours compete against grade fives and the grade sixes compete against the grade sevens. And then two winners from each age division are picked. So there’s four winners picked altogether. Those four people go to the district speech competition, and say their speech there. If they win that, then they are the winners of the speech competition. I really hope that I didn’t make you more confused…

So anyway, back to the story. After everyone finished saying their speech, we nominated other people or ourselves. I was nominated, along with about ten other people. I was really happy! We rounded it down a bit more, had a vote, and then I was in the top five. Wow! We had to say our speeches again, and I was more confident this time. We rounded it down even more… And yay! I was going to the semi-finals! The gym.

I was so nervous. I was late for school that day (Oops!) and everyone in my class was freaking out. Where was I? Finally I got there, and everyone was relieved. We went to the gym, and gulp! Scary audience! I was nervous while I was sitting down, waiting for it to be my turn to speak, but when I got up there, I wasn’t scared at all! I had a great message to send, and I wanted to send it well. I had to wait until after recess for the results, and then they came.

I had won! Yes!

I had to wait until waaaaaaaaaay after spring break to go to the finals, but finally it was time! I wasn’t nervous at all. Again, same drill, but in front of people I didn’t know this time. When the results came, I found out that I had won!

Third place.

Was I disappointed?  Not at all! I was so happy that I placed, and that so many people heard what I had to say about the problems in our world. It made me really love public speaking. I even looked up speech competitions near where I lived. (They didn’t have any.)

I feel so grateful that I was able to practice and get better at public speaking, while making the world a better place.



My Blog- Why Did I Start it?

Why did I start this blog? Well, I’ve always loved to write, and I’d like to share my opinions with the world. I’m Summer, by the way. This blog is to help the world become a better place. It’s mainly going to be about things that I’ve done, things that other people have done, and things that YOU can do to help change our world. Together, we can! I hope that this blog inspires you to do things that you had never before imagined. I’m only twelve years old, and I know that even small children can do their part, and I definitely can! My passion, my spark, is education for everyone and feminism.

My role models are Malala Yousafzai (you should read her book, ‘I am Malala’- it’s amazing and so inspiring!), Craig and Marc Kielburger (who also started changing the world when they were twelve and founded We Day), Iqbal Masih (a boy who was shot when he was twelve years old after speaking out about child labour) and Hannah Alper. Hannah Alper is an enviromentalist who started blogging about changing the world when she was only nine years old! She is the person who inspired me to start this blog. Her blog is called Call Me Hannah, and it’s awesome! Don’t worry, though- I’m not going to copy her!

Anyway, I hope you like my blog, Simply Sweet Summer. I love hearing from you guys, so please, comment below!

Love, Summer